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Global Gravitates to Grandiose Gratification Gallantly= 5G

5G is the 5th generation of cellular networks! Ok this sounds too technical and geeky, let’s make this explanation a tad bit simpler. 5G = Global Gravitates to Grandiose Gratification Gallantly! If you are still baffled with this phrase, let’s dissect it and comprehend over it. The advent of 5G is here not only to provide 100 X faster speed than 4G, faster connectivity speed, super low latency or greater bandwidth but to radicalize businesses, industries and society. Thus accelerating economic activity across sectors, industries, nations and the global economy, permeating socio economic benefits for society. Individuals especially belonging to the Gen Y and Gen Z seek instant gratification be it in the form of social media appreciation or technology commanding their wishes true. From having companion robots to smart homes to smart cities to autonomous cars or flying cars. Human aspirations and need for gratification will amplify with the activation of 5G worldwide, moving forward in this journey hand and hand.

Tech sovereignty here refers to the rampant advancements in technology laying emphasis on its hegemonic role in society. Widespread roll out of 5G will proliferate technologies’ dominance as devices connect with each other, share information, process data, deliver insights all in real time. ‘CONNECTION’ is the ultimate aim of 5G, this connection between devices, machines, equipment, automotive and people will transform the lens from which we viewed the world in the past. It is believed that technology will one day over power human beings. How will 5G dominate industries and what changes do we expect to experience in this decade?

5G, with it will introduce astronomical speed and low latency (ensure seamless connectionsare maintained whether a device’s or smart sensor’s settings juggle between 5G to WIFI or vice versa). These characteristics of 5G will propel unrelenting opportunities, pivot industries to undergo unbelievable metamorphosis and foster astonishing technologies. 5G will essentially bolster IoT [(internet of things)smart sensors and devices connected to each other and networks], edge computing, cloud computing, AI, AR, VR and so forth influencing a plethora of industries like logistics, AgriTech, healthcare, transportation and manufacturing. It is expected to create job opportunities demanding,data scientists, network architects, software developers, research scientists and information security analysts.

However, one of the major challenges of 5G is exorbitant infrastructure/ installation costs during the roll out process.Governments around the world play a pivotal role in the seamless deployment of 5G infrastructure.5G will remain sensitive to obstructions thus leading to deforestation, loss of habitat for the species, increased pollution and harmful carcinogenic radiation. Furthermore, 5G users claim that their mobile phone battery drains out quickly. Cybersecurity and privacy challenges exist hence it is imperative to employ strong and firm system/back-end for the technology (PS: IoTfostered by 5G will besusceptible to cyber-attacks duemassive amounts of data being created, shared and analyzed). Imagine all devices connected to each other in a smart city and if the system unfortunately gets hacked, the city will come to a constant standstill. Whole enormous manufacturing facilities may cease due to cyber security problems or the electricity grid can be possessed creating a ruckus in a country. This will lead one to wonder, whilst technology is deemed a savior it can be transformed into a lethal weapon thus replacing traditional warfare with technological warfare.The digital divide may augment due to 5G roll out failing to target each and every corner of the country.

Albeit a coin has two sides to it.

Smart cities will multiply exponentially as 5G is rolled out across the world manifesting its superpowers or sprinkling its majestic pixie dust. CONNECTIVITY is key, autonomous vehicles and traffic systems work in tandem (via IoT) to prevent accidents and unnecessary traffic jams in real time. Haas Alert of Chicago has created a cloud service displaying real time data and notifications (captured from sensors attached to roads) in the form of dashboards for drivers and autonomous cars in order to eschew accidents. Scandinavian countries are lauded for their passion towards smart cities, preserving environmental resources and are big time environmentalists. Smarter electricity girds will taper CO2emissions maintaining a cleaner environment. Waste Hero of Denmark intends to create efficient waste management systems across cities by harnessing 5G and sensors. Sensors notify the waste collection companies when bins are ready to be collected, saving time and energy.Utilization of sensorsand drones can assistin predicting and forecasting any sort of disaster and enforce disaster management.

Retail experience will transform 360 degrees promoting personalized real time shopping. Consumers can wave goodbye to never-ending queues,as the process of billing and payment will take place simultaneous to the customer walking out of the store with their purchased goods. Amazon is employing this technique in their personal potential brick and mortar stores. Of course in the media and entertainment bucket, consumers can cherish seamless video streaming at 4K and gaming experiences, getting acquainted with the VR and AR experiences. Manufacturing processes will become automated via connected devices transforming the factory floor, supply chain, inventory management, QA (qualityassurance) resulting in reduced unit costs. Production lines will sense and react to supply and demand sans human intervention. Traceability of goods will become efficient, reflecting a responsible post purchase experience offered by the business, in case of misplaced placed or undelivered products.Companies like Seadronix of South Korea specializes in ship monitoring and autonomous flight control system. It leverages a collection of 5G, cameras and sensors in real time to manage obstacles and taper losses to the environment and human accidents.

The combinations of technology such as 5G, IoT, AI will nurture the AgriTech sector that is gradually reviving thanks to the intervention of technology.Covid-19’s impact on society is unparalleled to any of the pandemics that hit the world in the last decade. It catalyzed technological hegemony at an unprecedented rate, turning tables for multiple industries. While plenty failed to endure to this debacle, some emerged victorious such as EdTech and Healthtech (predominantly telemedicine). While physically schools were left abandoned, studentscontinued studies online via remote learning. Students continued their higher education from the comfort of their homes however being neglected of social development.

Health care and expert accessibility can act as a barrier to optimum health care services. Remote surgery systems powered by 5G can achieve the unfathomable, a doctor can conduct a surgery miles away from the patient by controlling a robot who is actually performing the surgery. Internet of medical things (IoMT) and 5G together can perform tasks such as sense any health symptoms such as cardiac arrest or low blood pressure and report this information to the nearest hospitals. However risks cannot be ignored as erratic internetconnection can lead to unintended and unforeseenconsequences.Individuals can experience flawless financial transactions and mobile banking and digital wallets will spur product and service innovation. Remote tellers will reduce the need for individuals to travel to bank branches for information by getting access to personalized video sessions via their smartphone or a ATM. Wearable devices can be deployed for mobile payments and sharing new consumer data with financial services frequently. Banks can reduce the dependency on biometric data as features such as voice or facial expression can be tracked by the wearable devices which can add extra level of protection to data. Insurance companies can utilize 5G to their advantage as they can provide customers with rapid and efficient during crisis due to super sonic speed of 5G.

All in all, 5G will bring about radical changes across industries and society, however it does have a dark side to it. Whilst it will play a pivotal role towards progression, all factors positive, negative and unintended need to be holistically considered and dealt with in order to curb any obstacles or challenges for society.Concluding on a positive note 5G will bring into reality what the world has envisioned since the last few years: smart cities, connected factories/ manufacturing facilities, streamlined and connected supply chain/logistics, remote health care and education. As technology is bound to advance, 5G may bring with it new unthinkable innovations to light.

(Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article are views of the author in general and the author does not hold any legal responsibility or liability for the same.)


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